The UK national lottery has announced various changes to the popular EuroMillions lottery which operates in nine European countries.

The changes will come into effect with the draw on Tuesday 24 September 2016 and is being sold to players as a “bigger, better Euromillions”, creating more frequent GB£ 50 million+ jackpots and more guaranteed UK-based millionaires.
But these enhancements come at the cost of a 25% increase in the cost of a ticket (up to GB£2.50) and worse odds of winning for most prize levels because of the addition of an extra “lucky star” number. The game structure is now 5/50 + 2/12 (previously 5/50 + 2/11).
The odds of winning the jackpot have lengthened from an unlikely 1 in 116 million to an improbable 1 in 140 million. 

EuroMillions has been a great success for the UK national lottery. Sales have risen from GB£ 15 million in the financial year 2004 to GB£ 1.6 billion in 2015.
It was only last October that a new structure was brought in for the UK’s domestic Lotto game. The odds of a jackpot win were also increased and resulted in 13 consecutive rollovers at the end of 2015.
The new EuroMillions game structure will be celebrated on 30 September 2016 with a GB£ 100 million jackpot, although Camelot stresses the actual jackpot amount will depend on the exchange rate with the Euro. Given current market conditions with Sterling and the Euro, that jackpot could buy the winner anything from a Happy Meal to a failing Eurozone country.