The 2017 ICE Totally Gaming Expo was billed as biggest ever and it certainly felt like it walking round. Over the course of the week GBGC covered around 13 miles, a good chunk of which was simply getting from one side of the Novomatic stand to the other (a trek only made possible by frequent stops for delicious chocolates). 

E-sports was certainly a noticeable theme at this year’s expo. Several exhibitors had professional teams demonstrating games on their stands, such as Ultraplay, Vermantia and RTS Munity.

RTS Munity is a company based in Prague, Czech Republic, which is specialising in the provision of odds and data feeds for e-sports betting. Its focus is on the speed of the live odds supplied and reducing the need to delay the acceptance of live bets during e-sports contests. RTS claims its odds reflect the game status almost immediately and its odds are available for 95% of the match time.

Side bets
Side bets on casino games has been a trend for a few years now and GBGC tried some out at ICE 2017.

TCS John Huxley’s Power 8s was launched a few years ago but this was the first time GBGC had spent some time playing it. Power 8s is a side bet for Baccarat and concerns the number of 8s dealt either in the initial deal or from total drawn cards. The different outcomes lead to winning various progressive jackpots.

Estonian company Hyper Blackjack is seeking to stimulate additional interest in the traditional blackjack game.

The company’s variation enables bets to be placed on the final value of the dealer’s hand. One of the attractions is that this side bet allows players to protect themselves against a period of strong dealer’s hands. 

The game is apparently due for a trial in some French casinos shortly.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality was again on display, either in the form of actual gambling services, as an attraction to get people onto the stand or as a competition prize.

Philippines-based Digital Graphix Hub Technologies (DGX) is one company that has ambitions to use VR for casino gaming in Asia and was demonstrating a VR game on its stand.