Betfair has opened its first markets on drone racing. The company has formed a partnership with the Drone Racing League (DRL) to offer betting on the final race at the Allianz World Championship circuit being held at Alexandra Palace, London on 13 June 2017.

Head of Marketing for Betfair, Stephen Mault, explained the reasoning: “This is a great opportunity and we’re excited to see how a partnership like this will play out for us in the future given the rise in popularity of the sport of drone racing. Innovation and technology are the lifeblood of everything we do at Betfair and we are committed to constantly finding ways of enhancing and improving the experience of our customers.”

GBGC highlighted the potential of drone racing as a betting medium in January 2016. Drone racing would seem ideally suited to betting:
Fast-paced live or pre-recorded sports action – 70mph drones
Thrills and spills without concerns for human or animal welfare
First person viewing makes viewers feel part of the action
Regular and frequent events – the drones don’t get tired 
An element of form, skill and personalities in the pilots flying the drones
An appeal to younger, non-traditional sports fans

At the time, GBGC’s director Lorien Pilling commented: “Technology is a key factor in the modern betting world and it allows new forms of betting and new sports events upon which to bet. The great developments in virtual betting events are testament to that. There is a current emphasis on attracting the next generation of sports bettors and the realisation that traditional sports may not be sufficient. Drone racing would seem to have the ideal attributes to appeal to the Star Wars generation.”