The new CEO of UK national lottery operator Camelot, Nigel Railton, has revealed his plan of action to help improve sales. Half-year results for 2017/2018 showed a 3.2% fall in lottery ticket sales over the same period last year.

Railton stated, “Coming off the back of last year’s disappointing sales performance – and in the face of the very real threat posed by intensifying competition from the wider gambling sector, which benefits from significant taxation advantages, and continuing doubts over the economy – I don’t underestimate the challenge ahead of us. It is going to take some time to turn things around”.

He identified four principles in his plan of action: improving the lottery’s range of games; investing to enhance the retail offering; upgrading its digital capabilities; and reinvigorating The National Lottery brand.

GBGC highlights a selection of some of the initiatives planned under these principles:

Camelot will make its games stand out from the crowd – and each other – by positioning EuroMillions, Lotto and Thunderball as distinct products, with prizes and prices to suit different needs and pockets.
Given the growing number of players who dream of long-term financial security rather than big jackpots, Camelot will explore ways of satisfying this demand with an annuity-style game.
Camelot will double the size of its sales force to help it forge stronger relationships with its retail partners.
Camelot will invest £20 million in retail initiatives designed to boost levels of engagement and improve in-store display, merchandising and game availability – all of which will help retailers to make the very most of having The National Lottery in their stores.
Camelot will continue to fulfil its mission to ensure that ‘lots of people play a little’ by making the best use of the detailed player segmentation data it holds to attract the broadest player base possible.
Camelot will continue to invest substantially in player protection initiatives to meet the high standards expected of The National Lottery.