The DDCMS has announced its decision on the reduction in stakes on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs). Minister for Sport Tracey Crouch has said the maximum stakes are to be reduced from GB£ 100 to GB£ 2 “to reduce the risk of gambling related harm”.

The Minister said: “Problem gambling can devastate individuals’ lives, families and communities. It is right that we take decisive action now to ensure a responsible gambling industry that protects the most vulnerable in our society. By reducing FOBT stakes to £2 we can help stop extreme losses by those who can least afford it. While we want a healthy gambling industry that contributes to the economy, we also need one that does all it can to protect players.”

At the same, the DDCMS also announced that there will be an increase in Remote Gaming Duty (RGD) to “cover any negative impact on the public finances” from the loss of tax revenues from machines.