Through a Freedom of Information Enquiry GBGC asked the UK Gambling Commission for a total of the fines collected over the last few years and how they had been allocated in the Commission’s accounts.

Prior to receiving a reply, however, the Financial Times has published an article with the headline “Betting companies pay record UK fines of £19.7m”. The total sum collected was accounted for by allocating GB£ 6.7m to compensate consumers and other affected parties, and the balance of GB£ 13m going to the Treasury.  

At a time when the gambling industry has been called upon to help problem gamblers by increasing the amount donated every year, the operators should be asking why, if the problem is so serious, the government does not recognise this and give the money collected in fines to relevant causes. 

The fines are just another form of taxation.

By Warwick Bartlett