A super casino in northern England could be back on the cards more than a decade after the plans were scrapped by the last Labour government.

The 2005 Gambling Act, which came into force in September 2007, was going to enable the expansion of the UK casino sector, including large resort casinos. But the plans were diluted and, in the end, a single resort casino was awarded to Manchester, beating a rival bid from Blackpool. But even this one casino was scrapped when Gordon Brown became prime minister.

Now, however, Blackpool could be back in the game, following comments by “Northern Powerhouse” minister Jake Berry.

The minister explained, “It is early days but I think this is a prize worth reaching for. So far I’ve had a discussion with the leader of Blackpool Council and I have been speaking to the council to see if it is possible to unbung the legislation which still remains on the statute books.”

He claimed it was a “once in a generation” chance to regenerate the seaside town but that “[the casino] must be backed by a social welfare fund to reinvest in improving the life chances of the poorest people”.