With nine of the world’s top 10 casinos by revenues, it might seem strange to argue that Macau is facing more competition for its gamblers but GBGC’s research into the world’s leading casinos confirms that is indeed the case.

Outside the top 10, there is a number of casinos in other Asian jurisdictions snapping at the heels of Macau’s casinos.

Not least of these is NagaWorld (Cambodia) which is in 11th place and missed out on breaking into the top 10 by just US$ 50 million.

Casinos from Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, South Korea and the Philippines hold many of the places from 11 – 25 in the list.

NagaWorld, in particular, has benefitted from the difficulties that Macau has faced in recent years. There has been a definite redirection of junkets’ players from Macau to Cambodia and elsewhere. There were just over 2 million Chinese visitors to Cambodia in 2018, an increase of 67% on 2017. Chinese visitors now account for 33% of all tourist visits to the country.

GBGC wrote previously that NagaCorp has sought to capitalise on the Chinese casino gamblers by unveiling plans for the third phase of NagaWorld.

But GBGC did caution about an over-reliance on Chinese visitors and there are signs from Beijing that it is becoming concerned about the growth of “overseas casinos”. The Minister of Public Security hosted a conference in Beijing (12 July) to discuss methods of preventing cross-border internet gambling and overseas casinos which seek to attract Chinese players.

GBGC’s Research Director Lorien Pilling commented:

“Macau’s lucrative casino concessions are up for renewal and the Chinese government will be keen to keep as much of its citizens’ gambling spend under its control. Its actions could cause Macau-based junkets to scale back on international operations and refocus on Macau’s casinos. Chinese players might also find it more difficult to obtain visas to visit certain countries or access live streams of gaming floors in other jurisdictions.

If China implements such restrictions, it will likely cement Macau’s casinos’ dominance as the leading global gaming venues.”

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