Players of the Euromillions lottery could win a jackpot of a quarter of a billion Euros, under changes to the game structure made in February 2020.

Previously, the maximum jackpot permitted was EUR 190 million. From February this cap has been raised to EUR 200 million. If the cap is reached and won, however, the new cap is then raised by EUR 10 million, up to a maximum of EUR 250 million.

But it is not all good news for lottery players.

In a move to get the jackpots to rise more quickly, more of the prize fund is being allocated to the jackpots at the expense of the lower prize tiers.

For example:
Matching 3 numbers previously had an estimated prize of EUR 12. This will fall to an estimated prize of EUR 9.
Picking 3 numbers and 2 stars is estimated to fall from EUR 104 to EUR 58.
Picking 5 numbers will have an estimated prize of EUR 20,851, down from EUR 31,448.