The internet gaming sector will buck the trend of revenue declines in 2020, according to the new edition of GBGC’s Interactive Gambling Report.

Internet gaming (casino, poker and bingo) is predicted to increase its global revenues by US$ 1.6 billion in 2020, despite the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A combination of a lockdown, the lack of live sport and increased disposable income has led to a boost in online play. This rise in i-gaming revenues will also help offset the declines in interactive sports betting revenues, which has suffered because of a prolonged period without top-level sports.

Overall, although total interactive gambling revenues will fall by 8%, it will increase its share of all global gambling to more than 13% in 2020 because of heavier falls in the retail gambling sector. In 2010 the equivalent share was 8% and 10% in 2015.

There are initial signals that this increased activity might not be sustained as lockdowns end, unemployment grows, other spending options return and gambling regulators impose restrictions on deposits, bonuses and adverts to curb activity.