GBGC has been helping companies in the gambling industry for more than 15 years. At the core of GBGC’s consultancy work are feasibility studies and projects to help clients assess the best course of action for their gambling business.

Over the years GBGC has helped its clients answer questions such as:

Client: Internet sports betting operator
What new opportunities are there in this particular jurisdiction?

Client: European investment bank
What risks are there with an investment in this gambling sector/company?

Client: Multi-national casino operator
Will a new casino be profitable in this jurisdiction?

Client: Sports data supplier
Where should a software supplier focus its attention in the gambling value chain?

Client: Affiliate marketing company
What is the regulatory outlook for internet gambling? What opportunities does it offer?

GBGC’s gambling consultancy services are guided by the Europe-wide developed recommendations of EN 16114 relating to management consultancy services. The aim of this standard is to ensure good understanding between GBGC and its clients, leading to effective delivery of projects and useful and valuable results for the client.

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