With more than a decade spent focusing solely on the gambling market, GBGC has been able to compile comprehensive databases with historical sequences for gambling revenues in the world’s key markets.

GBGC collects gambling data relevant to the different sectors of the gambling industry and our numbers are consistently updated to serve the gambling data needs of operators, investors, and regulators.

GBGC‘s data has been used by gambling operators (bookmakers, casinos, gambling software providers), private investors, research organisations and financial institutions. GBGC’s statistics are also regularly used by broadcasters and newspapers when reporting on gambling stories.

GBGC compiles several databases as part of its gambling reports. These include:

The GBGC Key Markets Database

This database covers the land-based sector and extends to 50,000 data points. It has data for 130+ jurisdictions and incorporates 86% of global gambling revenues. The data can be sold separately or as part of the Global Gambling Report. The benefit of the report is that it gives the complete story behind the data which is essential in making judgements about marketing, investment, and development. The Key Markets Database has historic data from 2001 and includes forecasts up until 2022. It includes data on horserace betting, sports betting, casinos (including Native American gaming), lotteries, gaming machines, and Bingo/keno.

The GBGC Interactive Gambling Database

The interactive database covers more than 50 individual markets around the world, with product information for: betting, casino, poker, and bingo. There is also data on mobile gambling and live (in-running) betting.

Please contact GBGC to view samples and templates of the data and information GBGC compiles in its reports.