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Friday, October 05, 2018, by Lorien Pilling

At the recent 2018 Betting on Sports conference in London GBGC attended several of the sessions in the Esports Insider (ESI) track. The sense of optimism, enthusiasm and confidence was noticeable and in contrast to the mood at some of the sessions in the e-gaming and sports betting conferences. It was like e-gaming conferences used to be going back 15 years. But to the jaded e-gaming observer there was a naivety to some of the speakers’ views that could hamper the development of the UK esports sector.   Read More

Wednesday, September 26, 2018, by Lorien Pilling

The British punter has never had such incredible betting value as they do today.  The pay-out ratio to punters has never been so high.  Government policy seems to be based on the premise that this will last forever.  The nature of competition in e-gaming means your competitor is just one click away, so operators are absorbing costs such as regulation and increased taxes.  The Government has thrown a lot at the sector, believing that the operator will simply continue to absorb the costs and not be able to pass it on to the consumer.  Read More

Wednesday, September 26, 2018, by Lorien Pilling

The high cost of horse racing media to betting shops is causing bookmakers to look for cheaper sources of racing content. Aiming to meet that need are the suppliers of racing visualisation and simulation technology.  Read More