GBGC’s services are divided into two main categories: gambling reports and gambling consultancy.

At the core of GBGC’s consultancy work are feasibility studies and projects to help clients assess the best course of action for their gambling business.

GBGC’s gambling consultancy services are guided by the Europe-wide developed recommendations of EN 16114 relating to management consultancy services. The aim of this standard is to ensure good understanding between GBGC and its clients, leading to effective delivery of projects and useful and valuable results for the client.

GBGC’s central report is the market-leading Global Gambling Report, which GBGC has been compiling for more than a decade. The Global Gambling Report contains information about gambling activities in more than 250 jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has its own separate report and contains data, operator news, and tax and regulatory information for each gambling activity.

In addition to the jurisdiction reports the Global Gambling Report contains a wealth of databases with data on revenues for the global gambling market.

GBGC’s most popular service is the Gambling Report Subscription which gives customers a year’s access to all of GBGC’s reports, including updates. The Gambling Report Subscription enables our customers to make a saving on the cost of purchasing certain reports individually.