Update to IGRG’s gambling code

The issues of social responsibility in gambling and of gambling operators taking responsibility for their affiliates’ activities were both prominent at last month’s KPMG Isle of Man e-gaming summit. Now the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) has updated its gambling industry code for socially responsible advertising.

The IGRG’s Chairman, John Hagan, explain the reason for the code’s latest revision:

“The advertising of gambling has probably never been more in the spotlight than it is at present and we await with interest the eventual conclusions of the ongoing DCMS review. In the meantime, pursuant to our own commitment to review the Code on a regular basis, I am glad that we have brought forward now some very worthwhile additions relating to advertising on social media, affiliate marketing and the referencing of www.begambleaware.org in print and broadcast advertising.”

With regard to marketing via social media, the code now includes the following stipulations:
A requirement that gambling operators carry the required social responsibility and age requirements on consumer facing marketing content on their YouTube channels.
A requirement that operators use the Twitter age-screening function when marketing to consumers. 
A requirement that operators age restrict all direct marketing video uploads to YouTube. 

The code now also recommends that gambling operators “use their best endeavours to ensure that all of the relevant Code requirements are also followed by affiliate marketers of all kinds.”

It is intended that this third edition of the code will be implemented by the end of 2017.

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